Thesis prep, Step 1, Take 3

How does eyesight affect visual perception? That question, however obscure at this point, is my starting point for thesis exploration.

I’ve made a couple of attempts at expanding upon ideas that I wasn’t very into, and toyed around with others. Productivity (in the broad sense) and self-marketing/censoring through images (hello, Facebook profile pics) have both ended up in the unused ideas pile. Now I’ve come up with something I think I can get behind.

Beginning with the question, “How Does Eyesight Affect Visual Perception?” I grabbed my markers and explored the question by jotting down word associations along with proposed forms, materials, affects/emotions, verbs, colors, motivations, proposed audiences and contexts for the thesis piece.

This overarching topic is way too expansive, so I decided upon two 20-minute projects and one 2-hour project to help me explore the idea, which I’ll document in my next post.


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