Thesis Prep: Optical Devices

Continuing my exploration of the themes of optics and eyesight, I made some optical devices of my own.

I popped the lenses out of an old pair of sunglasses and got to work with some construction paper and thread to make seven designs to affix to the glasses in place of the lenses. I tried wearing the glasses and noted my observations, and gave the most interesting ones to some friends who generously volunteered as test subjects.

Sketches of the experiment


The most interesting designs were the one with multiple small polka dots (#4), which created an odd sense of depth, an interesting blur effect and made the wearer more aware of their eyes’ focus; the one with a single larger dot on each eye (#3), which gave the wearer peripheral vision only; and the one that was all blacked out except for three small holes on each eye, which blacked out most of the field of vision, forced the user to move their head to see, and they were only privy to viewing three small areas within that field of vision, without being able to see what was between them.

Below are images from the experiment. Next step might be to convey what the scene looks like to the person wearing the glasses.

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