Exploratory projects

To begin my thesis explorations, I decided to focus on why I feel that eyesight and visual perception are relevant to me.

I did a 20-minute sketch of a personal story.

When I was about seven years old, I discovered (to my surprise) that I needed glasses.

Then, I sketched my proposed plan to go outside and try and capture the world a little differently than I might normally do.


What can I do in two hours?

After drawing this, I was a little scared to go outside without the perfect vision afforded by contact lenses. But I was wearing my glasses, so I'd be fine.

It was Halloween – a chaotic evening in the Village. My goal was to go outside wearing glasses, and take them off at regular intervals to see what I could/couldn’t see – and then take some pictures that might capture the feeling of having less than perfect vision.

My photos of Halloween are below. Here are a couple of observations from the exercise:

  • I can everything perfectly in the camera’s LCD display when I hold it in front of my face.
  • Lights look awesome when you are near-sighted, but the huge blurs they create make it really difficult to see anything else.
  • I’m more sensitive to sound when I can’t see very well.
  • It’s terrifying to walk down the street unable to see where you’re going. Especially on Halloween amidst a merry crowd of costumed revelers.



One thought on “Exploratory projects

  1. This whole blog entry is great, Kat. I hope you keep going. I have a couple of suggestions for you
    1. turn an impairment on its head (here’s Joseph Grigely, a deaf artist’s solution to communicating,a nd creating work about it)
    2. what about touch and taste and smell?
    3. an experiential project that works directly on your cerebral cortex (look at KH’s work ZEE)

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