Android SMS app

I’ve been getting cosy with Java, Eclipse and the Android development platform in recent days. After making the Hello World application, I played around with the xml file where the Android layouts reside and made some buttons (with different brightly colored text on each!) that change the screen color when clicked on.

I was glad to learn of the existence of Android intents, which enables applications to pass requests along to other apps to handle tasks. We can leverage intents to get other applications to send emails, SMS, use the camera, etc. as part of our app without writing a new and separate client to do so.

I used an SMS intent to get my app, InstantSMStoFriends, to send pre-written SMS messages to my friends when I click on their names.

Here's the landing page for InstantSMStoFriends. There are four buttons. The user clicks on any of the four buttons to send a text message.

SMS intent has been launched! Here's the screen that appears after I click the "Text Amy" button.

In doing this, I also learned how to take these awesome Android screenshots using DDMS in Eclipse!

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