Breaking the Frame

Breaking the Frame is an art installation that explores the connection between visual perception and time by displacing the user’s reflected image over time and space. The installation elevates the user’s self-awareness in the present moment and challenges our traditional perception of a mirror image by incorporating not only our present reflection, but also our reflections from the immediate past.

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Looking Back (an ITP reflection): Part 2

In many ways, my ITP experience has been similar to an experience I had as a child. This story, based on my personal experience with impaired eyesight is in many ways a metaphor for my ITP experience. It also led me to an exploration of vision that would ultimately lead to an exploration of vision shifted over time, which is my final project.For the first seven years of my life, my visual experience was different to that of others. The only things I saw perfectly were the things immediately around me, and anything more than a few feet away was a blur; yet, knowing nothing of sharper vision, I was unaware that blurry vision was not the norm and less than adequate for daily life.On my first trip to the optician, I learned that I had moderate myopia, or nearsightedness, and I was prescribed glasses to correct my vision. The world literally expanded when I slipped on my first pair of glasses. My field of vision was no longer limited solely to my immediate environment: while I had been fully aware that leaves grew on trees, and while I had been entirely familiar with what a leaf looked like, I had never seen multiple leaves attached to a tree except in photographs. My visual world had expanded in three-dimensionality; I could now see clearly all the way to the horizon.

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Looking Back (an ITP reflection): Part 1

In Spring 2011, I embarked on a project called Looking Back. This project was a series of explorations encompassed two types of reflection: a retrospective of my experience and projects at ITP; and a final project entitled Breaking the Frame, which provides a more literal look back in time through reflection of the self.

Kat at ITP
I arrived at ITP in August 2009 with a background in media and communications, where I focused on how brands communicate with people and figuring out ways to improve those conversations. At ITP, I wanted to focus on creating more meaningful interactions between people, using technology as a vehicle for communication.

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