Mobile Me(dia) Final: Spontaneous

My first Android app is just about ready to go! Tentatively entitled Spontaneous, my final project in Shawn Van Every’s Mobile Me(dia) class is an app designed to encourage users to make the most out of their free time by doing the things that they have been meaning to do but haven’t quite gotten around to.

Currently, Spontaneous allows the user to:

  • Add a Spontaneous activity to their list. This part of the app allows users to enter the thing they’d like to do, e.g. go to MoMA, and the amount of time they expect the activity will take. The activity and amount of time entered by the user are then written to a SharedPreferences file on their Android device for later retrieval by the app.
  • Do a Spontaneous activity from their list. When a user has some time available, this part of the app allows them to select from a dropdown menu the amount of time that they have available, then brings up the activities on their list that fit into the amount of time they have available.
  • View the full list of Spontaneous activities. This view allows the user to see all of the activities on their list. Currently, the activities come up as buttons; when the user hits the button, they are given the opportunity to cross the activity on their list, or leave it on the list.

Here are some screenshots – just click on the thumbnails to see the full image.

There are a few things I plan to do before putting Spontaneous in the Android Market. I want to make the interface more aesthetically pleasing, make navigation a little more straightforward, and figure out how to limit the results in the ‘Do a Spontaneous Activity’ section solely to the activities that fit within the time that a user has available.