Nature of Code: Assignment 1

Our first assignment for Nature of Code was to select an example of real-world “natural” motion and develop a set of rules for the movement of an object based on that motion. Since it’s January, I attempted to warm things up a little (in my mind, at least) by replicating the motion of these palm trees blowing in the wind.

Initially, I’d like to mimic the swaying motion of the tree trunks, which appear to slow down as they tend further towards the right or left. As a first step, I’ve gotten the square to move mostly right/left, and up/down to a lesser degree.

Here’s the sketch.

I’m continuing to try and wrap my head around vectors…


Hospitable Room: initial ideas

Last week, the Hospitable Room class field-tripped to the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center to check out the pediatric recreation room. The room has been fitted with a video tracking, projection and transmission system. This semester, we’ll explore ways to make the room a more fun and entertaining place for the children and improve the quality of their hospital stay – which can often be several months.

Zeven, Milena and I agreed that we’d like to enhance the role of the pediatric recreation room as a “safe area” in which the children can escape the drearier aspects of their hospital stay, e.g. medical procedures. One way to do this would be to create an immersive experience that allows children to escape the confines of the hospital, at least for a little while.

The project will likely use an interactive map or globe – possibly in the small cylindrical room that exists within the recreation room – that would allow the user to navigate to different places around the world (or indeed, the universe!), for a fun and immersive experience involving culture, language, customs, food and more. Such a project will rely heavily on the availability of content such as pictures, sound and video.

Other topics that came up included bubble generation (everyone loves bubbles!), music, photography (a great way to learn) and aquariums (fishies. bloop. immersive). We shelved these ideas for now, but they might make a comeback as part of the bigger picture in weeks to come.